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Understanding Tax Leverage

focusing on areas that make the most impact first.

When it comes to a tax planning on your 1040 Tax return we literally wrote the playbook for you to follow. If you haven't already gotten our book on Amazon; you start here with the video version of our DIY playbook.

Once you review our DIY playbook you will realize that there are six primary areas that make up your 1040 Personal Tax Return. Yet resources focused on some areas will have a much greater impact than others. Which areas these are will vary based on your particular circumstances.

If you choose to have us work with you, of the price of your DIY playbook will be credited to your interactive Custom Playbook. We take the time to know you. We understand your values, goals, and unique situations and shape your personal plan so it will have the most immediate impact based on your unique circumstances.

You never need to be worried about having to deal with the IRS on your own. When you have your tax return professionally filed by Relax Tax Prep you have Relax Tax's quality guarantee. Plus your return includes Protection Plus at no additional cost. Many other tax preparers charge up to $99 per return for Protection Plus.

understanding tax leverage
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Financial Portal

Our premium financial portal provides you will a secure organized place for all your financial documentation. So much more then a basic Tax portal

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All Year Access

Life events that impact your taxes happen all year round. Our Relax Tax Planning subscriptions assure that you have access to your tax professional when you need them most; prior to conducting impactful financial transactions.

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Custom Next Steps

Every meeting ends with your customized next steps. You will advance at your own pace continuously improving your financial situation one step at a time..

Retain More Earnings

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Income Sources

Unlike most accountants, we are not obsessed with reducing your income. We understand that making income is hard and isn't guaranteed. We encourage you to make it when you can and we address it appropriately.

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Similar to income sources expenses are a necessary evil but are not alone the most practical tools to effective tax planning. There are good and bad expenses. Understanding the types, timing and frequency can have a major impact.

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Whether it is on your phone, home, business, or self, optimizing your coverage/cost ratio while leveraging tax-advantaged vs tax deferred is a critical factor in separating the individuals who thrive from those who just survive.

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Similar in many ways to insurance, debt used effectively can have a huge positive impact on your finances. Unfortunately, when debt is used too aggressively it inevitably will have a negative impact thus regular reviews are critical.

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From a tax perspective, there are a wide array of assets classifications. Yet the tax impact for the same exact item can be dramatically different based on its current classification. Thus we put extra effort into understanding your assets.

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Investments are often the areas that get the most attention, yet are often the area where the mistakes are most impactful. We don't focus on the investments that you make but on the types, timing, and frequency of those investments.



1040 Return

6 < Income Sources

Up To 5 Schedules Excluding C,E,F

Up To 1 State Return

Semi- Annual Reviews



Plus Package Plus

1 Schedule C,E ,F

Up To 1 State Return

Basic Xero Account Reconciled Annually

Semi- Annual Reviews



Ultra Package Plus

1 Schedule C,E ,F

Up To 1 State Return

Basic Xero Account Reconciled Quarterly

Quarterly Reviews



Premier Package Plus

1 Schedule C,E ,F

Up To 1 State Return

Basic Xero Account Reconciled Monthly

Monthly Reviews

Why Relax Tax Planning

Retaining more of what you earn doesn't happen by chance. We have a detailed process to benchmark where each client is when they join us. We then customize a very deliberate multi-step process to optimize your situation at the pace that best fits your existing resources.

Guaranteed your finances will improve

We take the role of your trusted financial partner extremely seriously. Thus we guarantee that if you implement our next steps timely, your finances will improve year over year. If not your suggested next step be to fire us and we will file that final tax return for you free of charge.

Since everything that we recommend is based on math and proven legal effective tax strategies your situation will improve. By continuously focusing on what will have the greatest impact first, we can comfortably guarantee improvement. What happens when you have your finances mastered? Unfortunately with how rapidly the tax laws change; there isn't much chance of running out of opportunities for improvements. Yet if that happens you have our guarantee we will fire ourselves.

tax planning services to improve your finances

Tax Credits can have a huge impact

Are you comfortable that you have leveraged all the tax credits available to your or your organization? Often to become eligible to optimize tax credits you need to plan in advance. Thus in addition to addressing the most critical next steps we also always start with the big picture overview based on what your long-term goals and plans are. We look forward to getting to know you as we become your trusted financial partner.

tax credits eligibility

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